Emma taught it to her when she was young. Although she can use some inspiration for the how part. Sebastian confesses he is drawn to her and they share their first kiss together. He explains that his half-sister is far more intelligent than she appears. There's always a loophole. Lizzie checks in on Josie in the library, questioning if she's canceled her plans with Finch, unaware of Finch's presence. She needs to learn a lesson before she takes a big leap, and Jade was a huge lesson to her. Siphoning from MG, Lizzie demonstrates a spell creating an orb of light in her hand. Hope adds, who's never around, her father is an alcoholic vegetable, and her sister left her behind for a walkabout. Hope chimes in, telling her that they both made some really stupid and self-destructive choices and, instead of apologizing, she wants people to understand and excuse her. She hates how many good memories they have and how she is the one to do this when no one else is willing to do it. Lizzie casts an illusion spell to make her appear like herself, as opposed to Aurora. Josie interrupts the conversation and tells the two that her and Lizzie will Merge later that night. Lizzie is mad at MG, but it wasn't his fault. Lizzie teams up with Josie and the two find Alyssa holding MG at the Salvatore Crypt, having linked him to the spell. Lizzie became obsessed with killing Hope, crafting stakes from the red oak tree and training to kill her. Lizzie becomes bereft when she realizes that she cannot siphon the magic from the bullet, but is happy when Hope's blood is revealed as the cure for the bullet. Lizzie says that it is fine, but is clearly preoccupied with what has just happened. Lizzie takes the necklace and vows to free him and see that the real perpetrators will hang and find her sister. Kaleb, MG and Jed rush Ken and grapple with the spear, though their combined strength pales to Ken, even in his weakened state. Thankfully, Lizzie recognized that she could use a potential death to her advantage, dying with vampire blood in her system. As they begin the spell, the portal opens to the prison world, but Lizzie starts to experience excruciating pain. After The Vampire Diaries ended, Jeremy Gilbert worked as a teacher at the Salvatore School. In You Can't Save Them All, Lizzie is rushed to the hospital following blacking out at the wheel whilst driving. Hope surmises that she can place Josie within Lizzie's mind until she can be returned to normal. Ken easily stops it, unaffected by Kaleb's assault. Ric explains that becoming a monster they get certain gifts they like to hurt innocent people with. As night falls on the carnival, Lizzie tries to get Hope to help her with Luna, believing it will be good training for her vampire powers. What hurt him the most was when her back was against the wall, when she really needed someone, she went to him.Lizzie believes that's why he's mad, but that's not really it either. They're both doing what they think is right, and that's okay. He's been there with them and believes he knows exactly where Dr. Saltzman will go next. Lizzie tells her that Jen told her his story and how he'd do anything to bring his old lover back as well as that Chronos isn't in any of those sarcophaguses. Ben grabs up Alaric and the two stumble out of the meadow as Lizzie struggles to hold on to Ken who's resisting her. While Lizzie remains snarky and capable of verbal volleyball, her growth in her short time as a vampire is significant. Lizzie gives her a bit more insight and believes that her dark side isn't the one holding on to; she is. It was crafted by the very hands of a god, along with several like it, to protect them. As a kid, her nose was always in a book or eyes glued to a screen, so it was inevitable she'd end up in two different worlds that are all about storytelling. He didn't think she had it in her, and that makes two of them. Lizzie ends the astral projection, returning to her body and to Hope. Lizzie wants to see the glove, too, but Samantha leaves her to finish the wash. Learning that something isn't right, Lizzie returns to Andi's cabin to spy on her. Awkwardly, she and MG move apart as MG struggles with his words. They are at first unaware of the meaning of the statement, but eventually realize they have been placed into a game when the two die crossing the road, but are resurrected. They are winning until Josie insists that they purposely lose the game so the townspeople do not suspect that they have supernatural abilities. She and Aurora return to the diner and talk, the former wondering why Lizzie saved her. Lizzie screams out and drives the stake into Aurora's chest through to the right of heart, missing it. Jen believes that she's killed him. Then arguing with her father about the day, she defends herself by saying that as he treats Hope like a heroine, she also wanted to act like a heroine. 3. Ben begs to differ and believes they can work together. Returning back to Mystic Falls, Lizzie finally begins to accept Josie's decision and shows her an outfit that she has prepared for her, given that nobody at Mystic Falls High wears a school uniform. Coming to the gates of the school, Lizzie believes that if Landon was alive and in the prison world, she and MG would have found it earlier. They forgive each other and Lizzie resolves to find a way to bring their dad back. Lizzie reminds him that it's not a trained dog. Hope explains that it wasn't her choice because her humanity was off, but she has to live with the consequences and while the worst version of her is still here. Instead she offered to make them armor for protection but Ken cast her out. Lizzie refuses to work with Hope and seeks out Kaleb since MG has decided to leave the boarding school. Lizzie and Jen return from the Monster Truck rally. Female According to the established supernatural rules of the Vampire Diaries universe, theoretically, since Lizzie died and severed her connection to Josie, the Merge was no longer necessary. After the sudden urge to hug Josie, Lizzie goes to apologize to her dad who tells her contrary what she believes that he always has time for her and Josie; however, Lizzie still feels something's amiss but cannot figure it out. Andi has other gloves that she disposes of with metal tongs. Gender She is one of the twin daughters of Alaric Saltzman and Josette Laughlin, the other being Josie Saltzman. In a flash-forward, Caroline is seen with the twins in New Orleans at St. James Infirmary looking for Klaus. Convinced that Hope's humanity is returned, Lizzie tells her about the tree they created and how it can kill her. Alaric explains that the session was about how they're going to deal with Malivore and how she would fit into that plan. In a motel room, she and Hope imprison Aurora in enchanted chains. He's arguing with Emma, believing they can't open the school if they enroll Hope Mkaelson. Taking a break, Lizzie confronts Hope. After the Green Knight is defeated, and Nimue returns to the lake, Lizzie talks with MG about how the day went. After Hope defeated Malivore, she turned off her humanity and brutally attacked Alaric to ensure the other students would leave her alone. Lizzie's disgusted with another torture device, meaning that Hope's not listening to her. In I'll Never Give Up Hope, Lizzie is still traveling with her mother, but talks frequently with Josie using magic. By happenstance, Ethan pulls up into the gas station and offers them a ride back to the school. She's a better person because of their friendship, love, and their belief in her. However, it's not quite what Lizzie expected. Whilst there, she finds out that Sebastian too has been sent here, and Alaric lied about his whereabouts. In I Was Made To Love You, Lizzie magically sends Josie a letter. Upon awakening, her desire to kill Hope is amplified, even toying with her in the Chambre de Chasse for fun. Jed questions why they're trusting Ben again and Alaric explains that he's proven to him that he's on their side. In This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent, Hope asks Lizzie to go on a road trip to find Landon and bring him back to the school. In her defense, Aurora claims that she can be quite symptomatic at times. Lizzie was right about one thing. Lizzie assumes then it was because Hope actually killed her and she lied to him about it, though again, that's not it and she was sire bonded to Hope. In We're Being Punked, Pedro, Alaric makes all the members of the flag football do community service as a punishment for the riot. Because of that, Lizzie can still be a witch and use magic even though she's a vampire. She thanks MG for being a good friend, but does not realize that she has broken his heart. Lizzie sympathizes with him and attempts to convince Aurora to let him join. Lizzie won't do it, though Hope uses the sire bond to force her to do just that, handing her a broken chair leg as a stake. They won't be triggered by seeing ex-boyfriends, nor be ones to make out with ex-girlfriends. When Alaric calls again to find out what's going on, she refuses to answer the phone first but finally she answers, Alaric tells her to do nothing and wait for him to arrive, he also asks where Hope is, she retorts that for once he had to trust her. Lizzie, still embracing MG, tells the interloper to go away. Eventually her plan works and Josie snaps out of it. Realizing the magnitude of her mistake, Lizzie then attempts to take back all of her wishes by wishing that Ablah never went to Malivore. Cleo admires life from the Red Oak tree in the garden, noting that it's grown so quickly. As she instructs them on choreography, they mess up and bump into one another. In the Garden, she and Ethan spy on MG and Cleo's conversation, learning about the Red Oak and its capabilities to kill Hope. Lizzie updates Josie on her role in the competition, including that she must fall down the stairs, knocking out one of the opponents in the race. First seen Professor Vardemus attempts to attack Hope, too, but Lizzie stops him. Lizzie apologizes to Hope for the ordeal, citing that she did not know the origin of the dress. Despite what Hope said, she returns to the cells and admits that she was right. Alaric refuses. He thinks they're running from grief because they don't want to hurt anymore. She entrusts the task to MG, who accepts. She thought she knew what the right thing was, but she always talked to her dad about it. While The Vampire Diaries' executive producers Julie Plec and Brett Matthews have announced that there is more TVD content in the works, this finale served as a proper ending to the trilogy established across The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies. She believed if he was absorbed by Malivore it could all stop. With news that Malivore has taken control of his vessel, Landon, she joins Hope and the others in the gymnasium to confront Malivore. Hope's plan was dangerous and vows that it is the last time she does anything for her. In Life Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself, Lizzie and Hope discuss Josie's behavior, with Lizzie remarking that Josie really is in trouble. However, now with the ascendant destroyed, the monsters may be back after Landon. Jed looks at Ben, scoffs and leaves with Ben not far behind. Touring the kitchen, Gaby is unimpressed. However, if that's true, everyone wouldn't be looking at her the way they are, like she can find a way to keep the school open. This was made worse when she was possessed by an oni, and she even expressed a desire to die as she didn't want to live in a mentally unstable state any longer. After MG understands that the monster is was an arachne, she goes to her pursuit with Hope, Landon and MG. She questions why she's changed her mind. She has a large abdominal injury, and is losing blood fast. She declares that she's saved her and the school over a dozen times. Dorian is out of the country visiting Emma and their mom is in the Congo. Lizzie gets Aurora to tell her more of her plan. Legacies 4x11 Vampire Lizzie and Tribrid Hope Brutally Kill a Vampire 133,377 views Mar 3, 2022 2.1K Dislike Share thevampirediaries 692K subscribers Be sure to subscribe and click the bell. Gaby questions that if the school is so great, then where was she. It is revealed that Dana wasn't in transition. Despite their common interests, she doesn't feel that that spark of romance. She reassures her sister that she's getting the girl. Jokingly, he wonders if it's too late to join Josie, but Lizzie stands firm about not running. She won't rat him out and asks her for advice. Does Lizzie become a vampire? Alaric tells her that no amount of revenge will bring her sister back, but it will bring her justice to her name. He doesn't know how Ethan will take things but knows that Lizzie was a hero today. Lizzie dismisses the question, believing that she's a wimp all of a sudden. Hope wants answers from the creature and forces Lizzie to shut down fundraiser day, however, Lizzie begins to experience her own madness, wanting to sell her own belongings to make some extra cash. All stories come from somewhere and if these stories are true, then the sarcophagus should be strong enough to trap the tribrid. Lizzie, however, wants to do the spell. This is the proof that Hope needs and they return to the mortal world. Later that night, they arrived back at the school with her plan in full effect. MG frees Alaric and tells him he has a visitor who has brought the culprit to justice. Lizzie reveals that she used the blood of whatever vampire donated their blood to the school's first-aid kits. He tells her he loves her and has her promise him that she and her sister will take care of each other, no matter what. Aurora is adamant to make somebody pay for what Hope's family did to her. She shows signs of mood swings, self-absorption, and over-possessiveness. Lizzie Saltzman Ben even confirmed her suspicions about the existence of the gods and she was right about the origins of the sarcophagus she stole from the museum. Lizzie trades in facts and not tall tales. Alaric explains that he wants to apologize to her, and Josie, while he still can, for failing them. Ric draws his last breaths and passes on, leaving Lizzie to wonder if she's like him or not. Since Lizzie's already a witch, and is now a vampire, she's . Sebastian arrives shortly after Lizzie has returned home and volunteers himself to be the anchor, allowing Alaric and Josie to return home. She idolized Hope. She questions if thought it would work on Alaric. However, that's no longer the case, he doesn't know why he's even here. She continues to berate them but abruptly stops, citing that it's fine, they will adjust to the changes. Aurora introduces herself. In fact her old school in Belgium had a kitchen twice this size and it was in a renovated castle. It drops the ball and collapses on its side. Tristen is dead and there's nothing she can do. Lizzie is waiting for him, who explains that she found Josette but she didn't survive and Hope killed her. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Lizzie explains that she and Aurora had a bit of a falling out and asks if she'd like to join her. Finch wakes up hearing this and denies such an act, not knowing her heritage. She is also the surrogate daughter of Caroline Forbes, as the twins were magically placed into her womb by the Gemini Coven to save their lives. In That's Nothing I Had to Remember, Lizzie hangs out with Landon to protect him from the croatoan, the new monster terrorizing Mystic Falls. She can't have that and tosses him one of the two stakes. Lizzie eventually finds her way to Jen's hideout and, in a cargo container, four sarcophaguses. Lizzie believes to have a handle on her powers just as well as Hope does; her mother is even a vampire, she reminds her. With Malivore dead, wherever Ben is, she believes he's there for eternity. There was a time in Alaric's life where there was no such thing as too far. They can find their own way that works. Hope, however, has gone through the trouble of creating a dark object. Though she's promised her dad that she would help her and be her supernatural fact-checker. Is Lizzie Saltzman a . Josie has to do the same. Lizzie accepts and they share a dance. Josie returns back to Lizzie that afternoon, saddened. Ben believes they want it to raise his father, but he's wrong. Jen explains that she lied. She tells him to follow the sound of her voice. Or you can contact her directly at alishag(at)screenrant(dot)com. Aurora's only hesitation is what to do with the key once they have it. MG accepts and confides in her that it's taken every ounce of strength he's got to not let Kaleb's death pull him under. Well, in order to become a vampire, all Lizzie had to do was die. Josie loves her too, no matter what. Seline takes the girls to a diner, where Sybil and Damon find them, and then to a motel, where she plans to offer them to Arcadius in exchange for and Sybil's freedom from being Arcadius' servants. As they depart, Kaleb admits he deserved that. Does Lafayette turn into a vampire? Hope is quicker and shoots Lizzie in the shoulder. She wants to raise the god of time and then they can go back and fix what went wrong. As the night progresses, Lizzie wants to use her sister's cup, the pink one, rather than her usual purple one. Alaric and Caroline later subdue Kai and, with Bonnie and her guidance, she and Josie create a new prison world, locking him away, ensuring their safety. Alaric stops him, and offers him a second chance, however Sebastian uses this as an opportunity to mock Alaric, citing that Lizzie will never be safe as long as he is alive. Her dark side attempts to taunt her, telling her that the gods are coming and when they're dead, she'll be coming back to her. This time, he isn't a memory and calls out to her. His punishment is Hope and she vamps behind him. Outside the barn, Lizzie tells her that everything is going to be okay. Likewise, that wasn't very honest of her. Lizzie leaves to go wake her father, but the deputy stops her. However, ignoring that Josie is there, Lizzie asks Rafael out as a deal if he voted for her. He slams the spear into the ground, releasing a shockwave of energy that sends the four of them flying into the air. Lizzie finds Hope in Alaric's office going over the Manticulum's readings. However, that's exactly the plan; he knows what each of them are capable of doing. He begins with how he made Ethan's mother a promise, just like all of their parents when they enrolled, that he'd care for them as his own. Lizzie, desperately not wanting to do it, broke the sire bond, betrayed Hope by snapping her neck, then freed Aurora. This prompts Lizzie to enlists MG's help in finding out if he was a new Malivore monster, but she comes to learn that he's a vampire. In fears of facing the same fate, Lizzie fleas the Salvatore School. But Lizzie was right that an eternity of torment was slightly over-the-top. Lizzie, however, is there to help him. After more than three seasons, Legacies finally solved the problem of Lizzie and Josie's Merge with a loophole first introduced in The Vampire Diaries. As fans eagerly anticipate the season finale, all eyes turn toward Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), Josie (Kaylee Bryant), and Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) as they get trapped in a hallucinatory nightmare following their time at the witches' wellness retreat. 7. She'd rather talk about getting past Jen. At least now he doesn't have to hide the body from Pedro. However, to Lizzie, it sounds like MG chose the greater good. She's covered in blood, but unharmed. Lizzie quips back that if Salvatore's Got No Talent is their best shot, then they're in major trouble. In fact, she is disappointed in Lizzie because she had her shot and didn't even take it. However, a rainbow appears overhead, and Lizzie isn't the one who's created it. Fundraiser day is officially canceled, but Lizzie believes that it doesn't even feel like home any more. However, if she's to encounter him first, MG pleads with her not to hurt him. Despite her earlier acceptance, Hope explains that she can't handle being around a bunch of strangers, but reluctantly accepts. Lizzie is confused and worried about the prospect of losing the Merge, however Hope remarks that she will aid her in preparation. But while people dying and coming back as vampires was a regular occurrence on the other two shows, Lizzie is a special case. Status He gladly accepted, but not before hesitantly looking at Josie, who was also in the room when Lizzie asked this of Rafael. As the witches prepare for their number, Lizzie confronts Josie and the witches. At the end of the night, Josie tells Lizzie that she has learned some information about the ascendant. Into the night, Lizzie wakes to Hope's burst of inspiration. When Burr attempts to shoot Lizzie, Josie jumps in front, however, and is shot by a bullet forged from Malivore. They have to protect the greatest number of students. However, Josie rebuttals that they saw all the same memories and this isn't what their dad would want. They've all been through too much and they need a fresh start. While they handle the wolves, he'll get the vampires inside. Out in the woods, Lizzie comes to a cellar and calls out to MG. Jen works at her metal shop, Torch 'n Toke, until she's greeted by Lizzie. Upset, begins to berate her father over his manipulative ploy, however, she quickly corrects herself, believing that this matter is for the honor council. Hope commands Kaleb for the first strike and he unleashes dragon-fire. She assumes he's pretty mad at her, but MG denies it. In Goodbyes Sure Do Suck, Lizzie attempts to aid Rafael and Landon with a transference of power spell in a hope to preserve Rafael's life. A place far away from violence. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Lizzie first met Sebastian at the Old Mill and was instantly attracted to him, even telling MG that she might have a crush on him because he didn't know who she was. They got into a fight with Alaric because he brought Hope, who they didn't invite. Fundraiser day is a success, however, people quickly descend into madness and some begin to start physically fighting on another. He said she wasn't one of them and had the heart of a coward. The lights flicker and the box shakes as her darkness dissipates into it. Lizzie listens, but eventually finds a girl, Luna, crying and goes to find her. Josie is Lizzie's twin sister, trusted best friend, and the person who provides Lizzie with advice and a shoulder to lean on whenever her temper goes awry. Follow/Fav Klaroline Family Drabbles. Stepping closer to him, she tells him that she's going to kiss him now and MG accepts. Legacies is connected to The Vampire Diaries and The Originals , and it features several characters from those previous shows. However, rubbing it on her face, Samantha's crystal changes back to blue and her attitude completely changes. Unable to get out, she calls out for Jen to come out. The good from the bad. When Alyssa picks tug-of-war as the first game, Lizzie tells Josie that she just needs to cast "imobilis" and they will win the game. She can't guarantee she won't do something worse tomorrow.